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Diabetic Neuropathy | అరికాళ్ళలో మంటలు దేనికి సంకేతం | Dr Pradeep Balli

Diabetic Neuropathy | అరికాళ్ళలో మంటలు దేనికి సంకేతం | Dr Pradeep Balli | PSLV TV NEWS

Dr. Pradeep K. Balli, a brand name in diabetic foot care in Hyderabad since 2005, is a Gold medalist in Surgery who is passionate in diabetic foot care and an exclusive Diabetic Podiatrist.

Unlike other Podiatric Surgeons who are trained only in foot procedures, Dr. Pradeep K. Balli though concentrating completely on diabetic foot care is also a General Surgeon and an IMA certified Fellow in Diabetology, can through your feet look into your whole body to correlate different pathologies faced commonly by diabetics and do justice at different levels by advising or referring appropriately and timely.
When I started writing about myself, I found it a bit embarrassed and a lot confused for a couple of weeks. And then one day I thought I will put my soul before you and it flows…

About a decade ago, when I was in early days of my surgical residency program I found that responsibility of debriding a diabetic foot (a surgical procedure to remove the dead and infected tissues and drainage of pus from grossly infected wound) was passed on from professor to his associate to assistant professor to their postgraduates then to interns who at last , to my astonishment, assign this complex procedures to a ward boy who doesn’t have any knowledge about the wound care leading ultimately to amputations. Frankly speaking this set of patients require at most care and concern in addition to, educating them as well as their families to prevent recurrences and to bring down the rates of amputations and related morbidities. Present day scenario is not very different from that of decade back at many hospitals, making diabetic foot as most common non traumatic cause of lower limb amputations where a leg is lost every 30 secondsworld over.

Problem lies both sides. Contemporary surgeons not concentrating on wound care due to various personal and professional priorities leaving diabetic foot care as untouched and uninvaded area. And patient’s willful self-neglect adding fuel to the fire. It’s high time to solve the questions equating variable on both sides.

Kindled by such incredible facts, I started working in this field of diabetic foot care with passion and compassion to excel myself in both academical and practical aspects, to provide the best to my patients and their families.

After having acquired a rigorous training and several honors I dedicated myself to this subspecialty of diabetic foot surgery as it give me immense professional and personal satisfaction to prevent an amputation by using all traditional and novel ways possible.

Each diabetic foot patient is a different challenge by himself / herself posing a new riddle everyday with their comordities and mental status. I try to solve the maze with my team of specialist, technicians and nurses, experts in their respective fields. And the need of the hour is here to have an exclusive diabetic foot clinic as in the west, which concentrate on prophylactic, therapeutic and supportive dimensions of diabetic foot care, justifying the cause of amputation prevention because saving a foot is saving a family, my philosophy.

I am pleased to be here as a part, to fix the great jig-saw of diabetes by throwing the light at this grey area of diabetic foot care improving the quality of life of my patients and being blessed by them. And my mission is to increase the awareness about diabetic foot and its related complications abbreviating amputation rates at least in this part of the world, and I will strive for this noble cause till my last breath…
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  1. Bhagyalakshmi Brahmaiah

    Hi sir my mom suffering with severe foot burns since 1yr we using all the medicine adviced by Dr
    We are using insulin also since 1montha to control her sugar levels
    Salt plus warm water bath for foot also doing but there is no improvement sir
    Sir please suggest something to reduce her pain😭 sir

  2. Naveen tech

    Namaste Sir . Sir maa ammaku 3 years nundi sugar vundi ee lock downlo medicines sariga vaadatam kudaradamledu. Ippudu arikaali mantalu vasthunnayi so please suggest us about this sir please

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