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Natural Remedy For Diabetes and High Blood pressure || Noel Gamino

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Natural Remedy For Diabetes and High Blood pressure || Noel Gamino

Twin Cities evangelistic series || Theme: Hope for the dying World Series || Topic: God's Wake up Call Romans 7:7-13 || Pr. Randy Skeete (Part 13 of 21)

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  1. Sh R

    This advice is a bit too simplistic and does not take into account diabetes complications. It cannot be a one size fits all, especially when it comes to sodium potassium balance within the body. You need to be assured of what is causing the glucose homestasis issues. Then you need to be aware of any possible hyponatremia, hyperkalemia, etc and any nephron dysfunction issues, etc.

  2. Judith Schenk

    I peeled the bananas and boiled them like you said, and it’s a delicious drink; and thank you for the information about improving the potassium in the cells to prevent diabetes.

  3. Jenz

    Thank you for the health lecture elder I will surely share it with those I know that have these chronic diseases. But I must ask do you have any lecture on natural remedy for psoriasis.. I have suffered with it since I was 2 1/2 years and my medication seems not to be working anymore. I decided a week ago to change my diet and by gods grace I am making a full change to a vegan diet. May god continue to bless you elder as you share your knowledge.

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