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KETOSIS Vs KETOACIDOSIS ☠️ Keto Diet cause DKA !?! Differences + Biochemistry Explained

What is KETOACIDOSIS and why does it happen? Is Diabetic Ketoacidosis happening on a Keto Diet? All the Biochemistry explained and how to manage and avoid diabetic ketoacidosis even following a ketogenic diet🔔 If you SUBSCRIBE ring the 🔔 for notifications! 🥓 Buy Me Bacon? 🥑 Join the VIPs at
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The Info and knowledge of the Ketogenic Diet, Biology and Biochemistry usually come from personal curiosity and research. I do however hold the following certifications so far:
THE OPEN UNIVERSITY – The Science of Nutrition (2015)
UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN – Nutrition and Wellbeing (2016)
NUTRITION NETWORK (THE NOAKES FOUNDATION) – Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment (2018)
STANFORD UNIVERSITY – Introduction to Food and Health (2019)
UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN – Diabetes – the Essential Facts
NUTRITION NETWORK – LCHF in Clinical Practice (2019)

I love to research but I am not a medical professional and the information given here does not constitute medical advice.
If you embark on a lifestyle change please do consult your doctor first. ketoacidosis symptoms ketoacidosis dr berg can keto diet cause ketoacidosis will ketogenic diet cause ketoacidosis? how are ketosis and ketoacidosis different



  1. Running Oninsulin

    Just to slightly correct, this can happen to a type 1 diabetic who is on insulin.
    TLDR: other factors can cause a type 1 diabetic to go into dka on the keto diet not just lack of insulin
    While not having insulin is a sure fire way to end up in dka, too much of a reduction in insulin can also cause it, which can happen as a result of the keto diet (the reduction that is) without going into unnecessary detail the differing short acting insulins have different time frames with how long they work some are very short…so with a very short action time and the need to reduce your insulin because of the diet can cause someone to go into dka…while high blood sugars are usually necessary this is not always the case…dehydration with a slight elevation (which is normal in type 1) in blood glucose can send you into dka as well. There are a lot of other factors but to keep this concise i wont go deep into it. Anyone wanting more info i will gladly share.

  2. Karen Rothwell

    I don’t hear enough people talking about the fact that _Type 2’s_ can come down with ketoacidosis if they are taking SGLT2 inhibitors class drugs such as Forxiga (Dapagliflozin), Invokana (Canagliflozin) & Jardiance (Empagliflozin).  You couldn’t pay me to take one of those drugs!

  3. Álex SanzCh

    I like Gingers recipe videos. However, I sometimes wonder why isn’t she thin already? She’s been on keto for over 6 years, now. Are Ginger’s recipes actually keto or just full of carbs? No offense, but I feel like maybe her recipes aren’t keto? I tried her pancake recipe last night, though.

    1. Ginger's Keto In The UK

      Thank you so much for your concern Alex, though we both know that’s concern trolling. But I thank you for the chance to always be loud about my personal situation, with the big assumption, I know, that you actually also care for actual information rather than just as well proven, concern trolling.
      a) My recipes you can make on your own, get the ingredients, check their labels yourself on how many carbs they have so in short: the data is there for you to check for every recipe, they are all not only low carb but ketogenic.
      b) ah that I was thin already indeed, i’m sorry you missed it. took me a little over a year to lose 70lbs and get to my thinnest on keto, but you didn’t check that despite making it sound the 6 years I’m talking about you were around. Then BULIMIA came back and that’s what trashed and ruined me, and what I am fighting against trying with keto (successfully) to repair my metabolism. If you actually want more information about my history with bulimia you can check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-sNNcEWTw4
      Now may I ask you to be even more careful in your concern trolling to someone else in the future though, cause eating disorders are no joke and suggesting you have been knowing my journey for 6 years and making allegations about my integrity sound like fact when you likely found one of my videos today, not only is very disingenous but might be triggering to someone who already has eating disorders, and unless you want to feel responsible for possibly triggering people in such bad mindsets, then maybe make notes and comments that care about data. You’re lucky with me, cause data, infos, and links are everywhere.
      now go on, off you f*ck darling

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